Our Therapies

Herbal Medicine

The first visit to your herbalist will usually last an hour or longer. There will be an in-depth discussion of your health issues and everything affecting them, current and past.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy works on the understanding that many health problems are caused by or aggravated by our daily food choices and underlying nutritional deficiencies.


Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body.


Acupuncture is a holistic health technique that stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices in which trained practitioners stimulate specific points on the body by inserting thin needles into the skin.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling is usually short-term and often addresses immediate life issues – simple techniques or even a fresh perspective can often resolve what is at hand. Psychotherapy may be a longer term option for more complex issues.

Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic massage works on both a physical and emotional level by improving circulation, lymphatic drainage whilst aiding the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.

Soft Tissue Release

Fascia is the soft tissue component of connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures within the human body. Soft tissue can become restricted due to overuse, trauma, inactivity, or emotional patterns and belief systems.


Homeopathy is suitable for all age groups, and can safely be used alongside conventional medicine. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your emotional and physical problems with the Homeopath who will…

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

How can Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy help you? Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Hypnosis. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis have a strong clinical evidence base for effectiveness, helping you to achieve…


What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a system of diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems. Through hands on treatment, osteopathy helps the body to heal, restores normal function and relieves symptoms. It…

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT explores the relationship between how we interpret what happens to us (cognitive), how we feel and how we then respond (behaviour) as a consequence of our interpretations. Our interpretations are often biased, leading to depression or…

Food Intolerance Testing

Do you suspect you might be reacting to the foods you are eating every day? Would you like to know for sure if certain foods you eat regularly are actually making you feel sick and tired?


Zest4life is an easy to follow, structured health and lifestyle programme that includes a unique, winning combination of Nutrition Education and Motivational Weight Loss Coaching.