Our Herbal Dispensary

Herbal Medicine

Our herbs and supplements are the tools we use to aid the body in becoming well again and so the quality of these is exceptionally important. We stock over 200 herbal tinctures, most of which are organic and biodynamically grown. Our suppliers are experienced in growing, harvesting and manufacturing herbal extracts and follow guidelines set up by the MHRA (Medicines Control Agency).

Nearly all of our tinctures are fresh extracts i.e. the tinctures have been made using fresh not dried plants. In practice we have found these tinctures to work better than dried as they capture the innate vitality of the herb.

Our dispensary stocks herbs in many forms: tinctures, teas (dried herbs), juices, creams, ointments and capsules.

Nutritional Supplements

Lucy Osborne, our Nutritional Therapist has carefully selected our range of BioCare supplements. BioCare has been running for over 25 years, they place emphasis on presenting nutrients in the most bioavailable form (i.e. Easily utilised by the body). They also seek to meet the highest independently credited standards in supplements.

Our supplements and individual tinctures are available for sale over the counter and there is always a qualified herbalist/nutritionist available, should you have any queries regarding your needs.