Why See a Medical Herbalist at Foreman & Jones, Hythe?

//Posted By Jodie Foreman

At Foreman and Jones, we see patients with all types of conditions; we treat many of the same conditions that you would take to your doctor.

Sometimes a person comes to us with a long-standing problem as:

  • Migraines That they have suffered for months (sometimes years)
  • Eczema or psoriasis that has never gone away no matter what I hey have tried (steroids, creams, baths, washes)
  • Digestive problems such as diarrhoea or constipation that Imo been there for as long as they can remember

Or it may be something that has only come up recently

  • A Cough, chest infection or sinus infection that has Just come up In the last week and isn’t going away
  • A Rash that has come up after a new medication or a different food
  • Digestive symptoms that haven’t settled down since having gastroenteritis, or a stomach bug

These are just a few of the conditions that our patients suffer with.

How are Patients Treated with Herbal Medicines?

Each patient is treated on an individual basis there is no such thing as ‘this herb treats headaches and this herb treats High Blood pressure’ as everyone is different and the reasons for their complaint can be varied and extensive.

Each patient is treated following an hour-long consultation with either Jodie Foreman, Linde Taylor or Lucy Osborne, qualified Medical Herbalists. During this consultation, a thorough understanding of the needs of the patient is gained and an appropriate prescription is written. This medicine (often in liquid form so it’s convenient to take) Is dispensed on the day, for the patient to take home with them and start right away.

How Long Does Treatment take?

If the problem is short-term then the patient may only need one appointment and a few weeks’ worth of medicine. If the problem Is of a longer-term nature then further appointments and medicines will be often be needed for the problem to be completely resolved. Each patient is monitored throughout their treatment and they can speak to their herbalist over the phone should they have any queries.

To find out more about herbal medicine and other services offered at Foreman and Jones take a look at our full list of services or call to find out what is the right natural health treatment solution for you: 01303 760001.